Introducing The Out of Site Photo Book Project—help make it happen!

November 30, 2011, by Amy

Maggie Preston (Black & White Photo Instructor) and Sofia Airaghi (Teaching Assistant) have been sorting through our massive archive of photographic ephemera and compiling selected works into a professional quality photo book, bringing to life the students’ voices and the transformative power of photography. The work will be showcased in a professional, everlasting medium, contrasting with customary fleeting exhibitions that last only a few hours.

We’re looking to raise $5,000 to get this project off the ground and would love your support. Funding will go toward the production & publication of the book and enable us to give it to our current photography students for free and to our other students and alumni at a low cost. We also want to carry it at local bookstores to fulfill our goal of keeping Out of Site in the public eye as well as use it as a fundraising tool. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards supporting the photography program at Out of Site. And there are lots of great rewards for pledging!

To donate and learn more, visit our indiegogo page.