Looking for Digital SLR cameras for our Summer Internship

April 25, 2012, by Amy

Hear hear! This summer at Out of Site we are holding our first-ever paid photography internship for SF public high school students. The program will consist of an intense, in-depth introduction into many different aspects of photography. Chemical processes, digital, commercial and fine art photography will all be explored (along with career development skill building), in this month-long, five-days-a-week program.

As some of you may know, we’ve always been a film & darkroom photo program, so now is the time to bring digital photography into the mix at Out of Site! And we are seeking donations of DSLR cameras. If you’ve recently upgraded your equipment, please consider donating your old DSLR (we aren’t picky!). It’s an opportunity to support the budding photographers at Out of Site, and get a tax write-off.

Please contact Adora at adora@outofsite-sf.org or call (415) 574-8137 if you have a camera to donate.