“It’s a place where students can develop a voice to reaches out to other youth and expand their visions of the world and community. To many of us, it is an important place where we share our ideas and engage in participation of community through the creation of art. Being a part of this program, it opened up new opportunities and a wider perspective of the communities around me that I never experienced before.” - Amy Ma



Out of Site Youth Arts Center (OoS) is a neighborhood-based organization with a citywide reach. Our home is in the OMI/Excelsior in San Francisco, which has the highest population of youth, high schools, immigrant families, and is the most diverse in the city. We invest in multidisciplinary arts education and leadership development programs for under-served youth, in creating spaces that build a youth-driven community across race, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation, and in building organizational collaborations that strengthen the role of youth and the arts in San Francisco.


Through programs in photography, printmaking, architecture, music, dance, theater and digital media/filmmaking, as well as several youth leadership programs including its youth advisory board, teaching assistantships and alumni interns, OoS builds youth understanding of both the arts and arts administration.


OoS combines best practices in youth development and arts education. Its faculty members are all professional artists, and are experienced and passionate teachers who bring their connections in San Francisco’s creative sector to the classroom. The connection of artist-to-emerging artists is at the core of the OoS experience, creating access points to the arts world and exploring how the process of working in this type of relationship strengthens the artists and the emerging artists, while they engage in the world around them. Through participation in OoS programs, youth develop as individual artists, artistic community members and leaders and are also able to earn San Francisco Unified School District credits toward graduation.



The mission of OoS is to develop new models of teaching and learning about the arts at a high school level; to inspire community engagement by participating in the world through the creation of art; and to create a diverse, joyous and respectful community that nurtures youth voices and leadership.


Our vision is to be a sustainable and dynamic organization with innovative and rigorous arts education programs where art inspires action