Teaching Assistants

Each session, faculty members may nominate students who have exhibited leadership in the classroom to work as Teaching Assistants. This position provides students with an opportunity to gain skills in teaching, lesson-planning, time management and organization. Teaching Assistants are able to gain greater experience in a medium they love while sharing valuable input from a student’s perspective on class projects with their partner Teacher.

Teaching Assistants receive a stipend at the end of each session.




Jessica Lavelle / Acting

Jessica Lavelle is a student at City Arts and Technology High School and has been taking classes at Out of Site ever since her freshman year. She has taken almost every class that Out of Site has to offer and hopes to continue to be involved with Out of Site for as long as she possibly can. Jessica also enjoys the performing arts and hopes to become a professional performer or a performing arts teacher someday in the future.


Alexander Pearce / Black & White Photography, Darkroom

Alexander Pearce is a (soon-to-be) junior at Lowell High School. He was born in San Francisco and has lived here for fifteen and a half years. He has been involved in Out of Site for a year. In that time, he has taken two sessions of Black & White Photography class because he enjoys photography. He has no definite plans for this future, but says Out of Site was inspiring, rewarding and encouraged him to continue with photography. He hopes that art could be more than “just a hobby”, even if it isn’t a profession. He says that art is now more a part of his life, and will hopefully stay with him.


Michaela Creedon / Black & White Photography, Classroom

Michaela Creedon has taken classes with Out of Site for four years and will be attending California College of the Arts in the fall of 2011. Thanks to Out of Site she cannot dedicate herself to just one art medium and plans to pursue an interdisciplinary major. For now, she enjoys playing and listening to music, going on adventures, making art, getting into friendly arguments, and volunteering at Bound Together Books.


Zoe Rudman / Printmaking

Zoe was born & raised in San Francisco, CA. She will be a senior at Lowell High School in the fall. She has taken printmaking at Out of Site more times than she can count, and has been the teaching assistant for several sessions. She has been on the Youth Advisory Board for several months and is also an intern at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. She enjoys reading, cooking and tap dancing.